Sunday, January 29, 2006

Russian, English and Swedish

Valodya spoke at church today. I sat next to Maj-lis because Tom didn't make it to church this morning. I never noticed before that Maj-lis's bible is not in Russian. Maj-lis first language is Swedish. So her Bible is in Swedish. I brought my English bible today instead of my Russian one. So as we were listening to the sermon in Russian, Maj-lis was reading in Swedish and I was reading in English. Joyce didn't hear the verse number so she turned around to ask me which verse. She asked in English but I answered in Russian. It is not easy to switch gears that fast with numbers!

Spencer did a good job of taking Tom's place at church. We sat behind Alexei and Lena. Spencer kept poking Alexei and Alexei pretended he didn't know who did it!

Sveta and Valentin were back at church this morning. Sveta is expecting and she is almost at the three month mark. Valentin announced their news a few weeks ago at church. We have known for a while but weren't allowed to say anything. She has been very sick. She spent most of this first three months in the hospital. There is a belief in the medical community that morning sickness is bad for the baby. So women are hospitalized for it.

Our teacher from school, Mila has a healthy baby girl her husband dima made an anoouncment this morning....that they were home from the hospital already. Sasha from the Rehab Center is now a grandfather of a little boy named Timothy. His daughter just gave birth to her first child.

We got a ride home from Lena's house today. Her brother drove us home in his BMW. It is a beautiful car. He got stopped by the police. Why? Because of his car... there was also an Audi, a Honda and a very nice truck that was stopped at the same time. Too bad as he was stopping the Honda he let the Lexus sneak by! I asked Slavic why Constantine was stopped. He said because the policeman wanted some work to do. The policeman told Constantine that there was ice on the road and it was dangerous for him to be driving so fast.
1) he was not driving fast!
2) the road was clear. Constantine asked to be shown the ice!
As it turned out Lena and her brother Alexei got to our building at the same time we did. They took the trolleybus and we were in the car!

Nathan is studying and Spencer is blasting his Maroon5 CD. He finally bought Songs about Jane. It took him two years he said, but he finally bought it. I guess he was looking in the wrong places before!

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