Thursday, January 05, 2006

Don't Tell them the Score!

A group of guys are going over to watch the Rose Bowl game at Robert's house on Friday. We were teasing Spencer yesterday about the fact that since he reads the news daily online that he is probably going to find out and then spill it! He protested but sure enough he found out the score this morning and is about to burst! He tried to tell me and I said no! It will be interesting to see if all the guys can keep from hearing about the game before tomorrow!

Nathan is off at the church today for another rehearsal. They are putting on a skit for Christmas on Saturday (Orthodox Christmas) and it has to be perfect. Nathan has an easy part with no lines! He has played this role before as an infant... his character is Jesus! He played the role at four months old in a play in Kansas. So this is his reprise?

Mom's green chiles arrived today. Now, I can do some of the recipes in the Soutwestern Cookbook she sent me. I guess that means we should have some of the people from Texas over to taste test. They are eager for some of the tastes they have missed from home. Ann even has a Texas shaped pan that she bakes her cornbread in. I think I ate southern Texas when we had chili and cornbread with them the other night!

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