Tuesday, January 31, 2006

change happens

We found out at school today that more changes are coming. The tuition is changing again. The location is changing. The classes and times may change as well. I like change. I think it can be healthy. We have a family that just kind of rolls with the punches. If we have to go to a different location, we will. If we have to changes class times, we will. If they choose to make the classes start at 8 am... well, one of us will get there on time... bless Spencer's heart!

The reasons for the impending changes are due to the new laws here in regards to Social and Charitable organizations. Our school is an NGO. Here is a link to a definition of an NGO:

Today we learned how to find Bible verses. We are trying to learn ordinal numbers. We learned the word for chapter-- glava and the word for verse is-- steekh.

Our class talked about superstitions today. Here people do not sit on the floor. There used to be the belief that drafts were evil spirits. And if you sat on the floor you were putting yourself in the path of an evil spirit. Women are especially vulnerable to sitting on the floor. Female organs should not be exposed to the cold drafts. I brought up the old belief that Southern Americans "used to" have about talking on the phone during a thunderstorm... one of my classmates told us that it's not a superstition it's TRUE! She says that you might get hit by lightning if you even talk on a cordless phone during a storm. I like the cultural discussions we have at school. Sometimes we Californians feel like we are not from the same country as the rest of the students. Even changing states in the US is a cultural experience!

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