Sunday, December 18, 2005

Baby Dedications, Haircuts & Movies

Ira was dedicated at church today. We were caught off guard. If Olya and Vova knew about it they didn't say anything. Noone had a camera or anything. And Alexei was not there.

Ira was very cute. First she had her finger in her mouth then she tapped her nose with her finger then it was in her nose. Once Olya saw us smiling she removed Ira's hand and the show was over! Valodya read a passage of scripture and took Ira into his arms and prayed. Ira just stared at him the whole time. When he finished praying Vova began to pray. I almost started to cry. These people are part of our family and we shop with them, go out with them, play games with them and to hear Vova pray for his daughter was overwhelming!

By the way. Valodya and Vova both have the same name. Vladimir. They just both prefer being called something else!

Joyce and Jim had an anniversary this week as did Tom and I. When our names were called to go up and be honored; Tom had me go up alone since Jim was out of town leaving Joyce to go up front alone. So Joyce and I were honored with long stem white roses for surviving long term marriages!

Joyce and Hannah came over after church. Hannah wanted to play some video games. Today was haircut day and Joyce said she needed a haircut so Tom gave her one! I made a pizza with a new crust recipe I found. The yeast we have here is working out well. Pizza and french fries filled everyone up and then Hannah and Joyce left so Joyce could get her homework done.

Last night Spencer and I went over to Bill and Judi's to watch White Christmas. The classic Christmas movie with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney. It was fun to watch with Robert and Ann and all of Bill and Judi's kids. Their neighbors came up from downstairs and watched too. We sang EVERY song. Even the men sang along on the "SISTER'S" song. It was a riot!

Nathan and Tom stayed home last night and watch What the Bleep Do We Know? It is not really a "movie" movie it is more like a documentary. It is a good movie for discussion as a family or as a small group afterwards.

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