Thursday, December 29, 2005

Slumber Party

We set out yesterday with Lena P. to see the Snow Queen. Literally, we fought our way into the arena. I went in shoulder to shoulder with a woman who was not budging and neither was I! Lena and I were able to secure second row seats for our party of 13! Bill and Judy came with their 4 kids and nanny Natasha, and Joyce H. was there with Hannah. After we got our popcorn and drinks the annoucer came on overhead and told us that we would not be seeing the Snow Queen due to the star performer having trauma in her knee. (it was an ice show) We were treated instead to Beauty and the Beast.

Not the Disney version but the Russian folktale. Nathan told us the many countires have some form of the story and sometimes the beast is a man and sometimes a woman. In this version the Beast looked like a dragon. And he lived in the forest. It was a fun show.

After the ice show we went for a walk. We tried taking our large party to several cafes or restaurants but they were all booked for banquets. We finally got in and had a great meal. Natasha and Lena were amazed at how huge the portions were. It took some convincing to get them to relax and just order what they wanted. Lena finally asked me if it was expensive. And it was not. I told her to "be peaceful" I don't know how to say don't worry! She got the message and then Judy said the same thing to Natasha and they both relaxed and ordered dessert too! It was Lena's first time in a restaurant and her first time sitting up close at an ice show.

Her day ended with coming over to our apartment to spend the night. Spencer said that Lena and I acted like school girls. I guess he heard a lot of giggling! She tried three time to call Alexei and could not get through. So I called Tom & luckily he answered. I told him to tell Alexei to get off of the phone and call his wife! Tom handed his phone to Alexei and I gave mine to Lena. When they were done Tom and I talked.

Tom says the cows are all named after people in Putin's administration. He spent the day chopping down a tree so wide that Sasha could barely get his arms around it. They counted 40 rings inside the tree. Now the men will have fire wood for the winter. Tom said he used a Russian chainsaw. He went out there with my camera so I am eager to post his photos!

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