Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tom... you have a Russian wife!

Alexei told Tom he now has a Russian wife. He came over and gave me a lesson in how to make borsht. I had told several people that he was coming over and the general consensus seems to be that men make the best borsht. One of my students at Gymnasium #23 told me that he "loves his dad's borsht" especially "the red kind". Alexei gave me a shopping list. Meat, oregano (fresh), carrots, potatos, cabbage, tomato paste, bell pepper and sour cream. He had me chopping and dicing for over an hour! The meat had to simmer for over two hours. After the meat was ready we took it out of the water and diced it. And added the vegetables one at a time and allowed each one time to cook. The oregano went in last. After we added it we turned off the flame on the stove.

Alexei teased me about having a German oven. "she's a German!" a plita is feminine. The front two burners on my stove have a smaller fire than the back two. He thought that was foolish. He said "onna gloopahya!" Anyway, we managed with my "foolish stove" to get an incredible batch of borsht made that everyone enjoyed.

Lena wanted to know if Americans like leftovers. Or if we cook it once and then throw it away? We told her it was fine for us to eat something for a second day. She told us that the borsht would taste better on the 3rd or even the 5th day! Tom does not think it will last that long. I need a bigger pot. I think I may need one like Mom has. It is pretty deep!

Spencer and Nathan taught Alexei and Lena how to play video games. Lena seemed interested in the score her brother got when he was over! Vova did okay But Lena did better!

Today Tom was able to pick up money from the store that has been carrying his jewelry and he placed new items in a Christian bookstore here in town. In English the store name would be Harmony. It is called Garmonia. They took crosses and jewelry. We also had a meeting with a woman from one of the largest churches in town. She ordered some sample necklaces so she could take orders at her church. We are very excited at the interest picking up in Tom's creations. It is a form of worship for him. We hope that the interest will continue to grow!

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