Friday, December 16, 2005

Nathan You Are Alive!

Lena and Olya came over around 4 today and that was the first thing they said when they saw him. He has not been sick, nooo.

I went to Metro today with Olya, Spencer and Vova. We were hurrying home and got caught in a traffic jam.... that is another story! Nathan sent me a text message saying "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE HER GO BACK TO SLEEP!"
He was at Olya & Vova's house with Ira. She is 1. Olya wanted to know what he said so I translated the message for her. She was telling me what to tell him. She is speaking half Russian and half English to me to instruct I just hand her the phone. She tells him to just play with Ira because she won't go back to sleep. She told him we would be there in about 20 minutes but he can take Ira home with him if he wants to wait for Lena over there. Just as he is getting the directions on how to dress her and where to find all of her warm clothes... Lena's brother Slavic shows up and saves the day! Ira loves Uncle Slavic. He watches her all the time. She cried when Nathan left her to go answer the door but she was happy to see Slavic when he came in!

Nathan calls back and says that he and Lena cannot get into our house because he does not have keys and when will we be there? I tell him that we were stuck in a traffic jam and I ask Vova how long it will take to get there. I also have Olya talking to me about Lena on my other side. So Nathan does not know who I am talking about or what and when to listen. So he misses me telling him we will be there in 5 minutes and we will honk when we get there.

Vova pulls up and honks really loud 4 times. Olya yells at him and tells him he is going to wake up all the kids in the apartments from their naps! I call Nathan and tell him that was us honking and to come on home right now! We have a lot of things to put away. I shopped in bulk at Metro! Spencer and I start unloading the car and taking things upstairs. Vova helps us and Olya heads home to check on Ira. When Nathan gets home he tells me that Vova came up the stairs and yelled at him and Lena for not coming down when he honked the horn FOUR TIMES! He tells them he got yelled at by a neighbor. Lena yells at him that she didn't know (he is her little brother) and Nathan says he didn't know either, that 's when he told Nathan that I was going to kill Nathan. Vova said I was really going to be angry and for Nathan to watch out when he got home!

Nathan comes home and tells me how mad I am supposed to be (which I was not!) and then tells me about Ira waking up 30 minutes after we took off and he climbed into the crib with her and she reads to him. He said Ira does not read or speak Russian or English she speaks "BABY". After that the bird got out and they went from room to room following the bird. Ira singing or reciting a rhyme (who knows). Nathan was praying all the while that she would not have a messy diaper. He DOES NOT do diapers!

As we were eating marshmallows and drinking cappucino Lena came over with Olya peeking around the door searching for Nathan...

"NATHAN, YOU'RE ALIVE" they said laughing. After we established the fact that I didn't kill him... Spencer made tea and then we had our language time.

Just another day at the Sharp's house!

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