Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve Family Night

Mikie and Yahn are both vying for Nathan's attention along with some NEW KID! We spent this evening with Bill and Judy. We were among seven families that attended their Christmas Eve gathering. We brought over Polar Express. The kids were glued to the TV once it actually started.

Janet, Patrick and Talitha were there. The new family came too. Shane & Melissa are still getting settled here with their two kids. Mike and Kathy stopped by on their way to an all night event at their church.

Lisa and Jim came by too. They had some Russian friends who came over to shower at their home. These friends don't have indoor plumbing and come over once a week to shower. They just happened to choose today and Lisa said she fed them this time.

It was a fun night. Tom went to two AA meetings today with Alexei. When we got home we found him watching Madagasgar. We found an English copy today! We have seen it over and over in Russian but today was the first time in English. I think it is funnier in Russian. Nathan cannot decide. This copy actually has the special features so it appears to be official!
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