Sunday, December 11, 2005

mental health break

How do you take a day off from Russian? It is not easy.

Turn off the TV?...the neighbor's tv is loud enough that if I put mine on the same channel I don't need the sound.

Only watch movies in English?

The phone will still ring.

People will still drop by.

There is a book that I read from the suggested reading list for school. It is called Have We No Rights? Basically, the answer is NO. If we have chosen to live our lives for God then we have given over our lives to him. We essentially gave over our rights as well. One might argue that we still have rights. The point of the book is that if you have chosen to live in another country or have chosen a line of work that you believe God directed you to... then you are obligated to live through the consequences of that choice. I might decide that I want a day off from the Russian world. But, with a friend who is pregnant and Tom who has a meeting to go to and the boys who also have a social lives... if that phone rings it needs to be answered. There are no answering machines here.

Life goes on and there are lessons, blessings and struggles along the way. I was successful in staying in bed all day. But avoiding Russian... nope, even the movie I watched had Russian at the beginning where you select the play options!

And the phone calls... one was someone wanting to order jewelry from Tom. I would not have witnessed an answer to prayer about that business if I had not answered the phone!

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