Thursday, December 22, 2005

Father Christmas!

We had a visit from Father Christmas at the school's Christmas party. All the kids got candy from age 1 to ? It wouldn't be polite to post the age of the oldest "kid" in the room. Father Christmas was great at asking everyone in the room what they wanted him to bring. One of the single gals asked for a "moozh" which is how you say husband in Russian. Father Christmas asked her if she wanted a moose or a moozh? She said she would be happy with either one. I would be careful about going to her home for dinner. She is the one who tells stories about making Road Kill Chili!

We have another party to go to tonight and I will post all my photos when we get home later. Right now it is time for a rest!

Oh and I am now officially feeling old... Nathan was invited to a singles event! Posted by Picasa

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