Sunday, December 04, 2005

Whiter Than Snow Featured in Film!

Tom giving Volodya the cross. It hangs in the front of the church.

Communion was held today. No mention of Advent. Maybe because the big holiday here is "novee goad" New Years! Orthodox Christmas is January 7th.

Valodya and Klaus showed a professional film the church made that explains why the church exists. It speaks of the different minsitries the church offers including the Rehab center out in Arteka.

Our family was among those shown going into the church through the "open door". The name of the church has been changed to The Church of the Open Door. It was Krasnodar Bible Church. We are also seen at the baptism held at the river; the guys are singing and I am photographing the event. There is a good shot of Spencer during a service at the church. Oxcana did a great job filming different aspects of the church and the various groups. She also featured some great shots of Tom's cross "Whiter Than Snow". Valodya used the verse that Tom was inspired by in making the cross as his text to speak fromthis morning. He spoke about how each bead represented God's power to cleanse us and make our "souls" white like snow. Following his speaking we had communion.

There was a man from Salihardt among the congregation today. He was very excited that the topic was snow! They have snow about 6-7 months out of the year up there! He felt like the message was just for him!

We are going to order copies of the video in Russian to give away here. And in English to send to churches back home. So if you are from one of the churches we have spoken at a video will be on its way in the next few months. The English copy needs to be made. The Russian copies are ready!


Last night we had dinner at Jim and Joyce's with Alexei and Lena, Sasha, and Pasha. I was telling them about the student saying "Jesus died on a armchair" Alexei said that was ok.... A Russian man said from the pulpit on a communion Sunday that it was time to "Bite" the body of Christ! EAT is kooshat and BITE is koosat! Alexei said don't feel bad even Russians make mistakes when they speak!

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