Monday, December 19, 2005

Scandalous Behavior

Tom and I have a habit of causing a sensation wherever we go. We don't always do it on purpose. At the concert the other night we ended up sitting on separate sides of the aisle. Tom sat with Alexei and Lena... and I sat with Olya, Vova and Spencer. After the show was over I crossed the aisle to see how the others enjoyed the show. Joyce B. was sitting beside Tom and she said "Alida I want to introduce you to someone" I smiled. She continued. "Alida, this is Tom... Tom this is Alida" on cue we both said "ochen preeahtnah" (it is a pleasure). And then Tom leaned in and so did I and we kissed. There just happend to be 4 young ladies around the ages of 15-17 standing in the row behind us watching the whole thing. And when they saw us kiss there was a loud gasp and then giggles. They were in shock!

I told my teacher about it during our time of sharing 'cultural experiences'! She said Russians understand jokes. So, next time I should turn to the girls and say "izveneeteh, ohn moy muzh!" (excuse me, he's my husband!)

You see men do not even hug women in public here when they meet. So for Tom and I to kiss if we had just met...well, that was scandalous!

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