Friday, December 09, 2005

Finally.. a visit to Metro!

This is a link to Metro's website:
when you get there choose the English option!

Take a look at Metro

Metro is like Costco or SAM'S. I went there today with Olya. I was thankful that we were both able to benefit from the visit. She needed to go to keep her card active for another year. And I have never been there! I found some of the cereals that we like. Sugar Smacks and Honey Nut cheerios. I also found that buying trail mix and nuts in bulk saves us money on snacks for school. I found an equivalent for Ritz Crackers. So I can make peanut butter cracker snacks for the boys. Yesterday we got two packages in the mail. One package from New Mexico (thanks mom and dad!)and one from California (thanks again J!), both contained peanut butter. We now have 6 jars! We are not sure how long they will last. Tom sat down with one jar and a spoon and was content!

Metro has large appliances so when we have enough money saved for the washing machine we will look there to see if it is cheaper. (Tom is dedicating his jewelry and cross money to a washing machine!)

Some things were as much as half the price of the supermarket. We were very excited. Olya and I split the cost on things if we didn't want a full package of something. She didn't need two boxes of Vanilla Tea so I was glad to take one and so on! We also found DVD's out there very cheap... less than a dollar fifty. When we got back to my house we could not remember who actually bought one of them! I let her take it and we'll borrow it! It was the Count of Monte Cristo.

I did good with not blowing my whole months budget in one trip. Olya and I can go again in two weeks. We both kept saying "sleydooshey ras" (next time!) And then putting an item back on the shelf. We will make sure that her husband can take us. The taxi ride there and back was expensive. And unlike Krasnaya Plowshad there were no taxi's waiting for us when we came out. We stood and waited over 40 minutes after calling one.

We drank hot vanilla cappucino from the vending machine to keep us warm. Thank goodness for my habit of keeping lots of coins in my purse!

Spencer had a friend come over today and they played video games for a while before they went to work at the children's home. Spencer has been saving our 2 liter bottles for a bowling game he designed for the kids! Lena said she met his friend Andrew as he and Spencer were leaving.

Tom went to a psych hospital where a new AA meeting was just started by he and Alexei.

There are now TWO AA meetings in Krasnodar!!!!

This new one and one at a place downtown that Tom and Alexei also attend.

Nathan and I had this week off from our social project. My trip to Metro counts as a cultural excursion! I saw a lot of expensive cars in the parking lot and it looked like an afternoon in Orange County, CA. or Johnson County, Kansas. The business owners and the wealthy shop there. Right now they are the ones with access to the memberships.

Oh and I found a palm tree I didn't buy it yet.. I will go back when Vova can take me. Tom wants one for our Christmas tree. Olya told him he needs to buy a "yulkah" (a fir tree). He wants a Palm and Spencer agrees!


  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Mama, I found that Penny Arcade stip about blogging.

  2. Nathan,
    I posted the comic on the photo blog.

    Say hi, to Domo for me while you are in Arteka!