Wednesday, December 14, 2005

O Christmas Tree

Tom was very excited about all the peanut butter that is in the house now. So he built us a Christmas tree out of all the jars. He showed the photo to Lena and she loved it! Later Alexei and Lena came over to watch a movie. The "tree" was still up in the kitchen. Alexei wanted to know if we had a peanut butter factory in the house now!

Thank you Erin for your package today. Nathan has already played his game! And Spencer and I drank tea at school. I got another box from New Jersey that arrived at the post office. It also had tea and peanut butter! We feel blessed to have people thinking of us.

We also got pictures of Rhiana and they were soooo cute! I had to show them off to everyone. Her birthday is the same as Talitha's only Talitha is a year older.

Joan's Christmas card made it before Christmas and I was shocked about that.

I took Judi and Judi over to the yarn warehouse today. It was a fun trip. We also stopped by the office supply store. We still cannot get lined notebook paper. So I need to add that to our list of things we would like to receive. Our needs or wants are not exciting. We have only 5 notebooks left from the 10 I purchased in Rome. I never worried about wasting paper in the states...

At the yarn warehouse the guy heard Judi asking me what "Yun" is. He came over a little later and said that it comes from a 'barahn' which is a sheep. Which meant we figured it out correctly. I knew the word for cotton and so through a process of elimination we were able to sort out what the different yarns were. It was nice to have him verify it though! Posted by Picasa

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