Friday, December 23, 2005

What's New (in Rehab) Pussycat?

Sasha is the director of the Rehab center that we support. He is swinging his tail around! Today was the big party for the BLTC. It was the most fun staff party we have ever been to. Games, talent, puppet show, gifts for the kids. Russians know how to party.

Sasha has invited Tom out to the Rehab Center on the 29th. There are several men out there who have asked to be baptised and the church has given Sasha permission to do it himself! Tom has the most years of sobriety of all the men invloved in the center and they are excited about having him come out there to be a witness to the first group of men who want to be baptised! There is a man named Valera who has two years of sobriety already and he is one of the guys who is now working with Sasha.

My Al-Anon sponsor required me to attend AA meetings in California to gain a better understanding of alcholism. I understand how hard each day of sobriety can be to hold on to. I am happy for Valera. And eager to hear what Tom is able to report when he comes back! Posted by Picasa

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