Monday, December 05, 2005

What kind of meat do you prefer?

When shopping at the market in a foreign country it is important to know the names of different meat. I sent Nathan out to buy some meat the other day. He came home with squirrel. He and Tom ate it. They thought it tasted a little different. Nathan knew that "belka" was squirrel so he knew what he was eating... Tom just found out today!

I went shopping for meat today and was looking for bacon. I found bear meat! Medvedinskayah Myasah. I thought to myself "is this a brand name or is this really bear meat?" It was dark and not very thick. Maybe, about an inch and a 1/4. I was in the mood for adventure but my pocketbook was not. I needed to know how to cook it and if the guys would eat it first. I came home and we all agreed to try it in chili! If it is still there I'll get it when I shop again. Then, I can let everyone know how bear meat tastes! I ended up with boring old beef, tuna and pork.

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