Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No PETA group here!

Let's see... there is leather, fur, sheepskin, suede and more leather. Leather shoes, boots, hats, gloves, jackets and coats. And then there is fur. Full length fur coats, fur jackets, fur trimmed gloves, fur hats, fur lined boots, and fur trimmed coats. I don't think PETA could drum up a chapter here if they paid people to belong. Leather is a way of life here. Even small children wear leather. Why? It is cold. Leather can be worn in the rain. It is easy to keep clean. Leather is cheap here. And fur lined leather is very warm.

I have a fur jacket that I tried to wear when it first got a little chilly this fall. I was sweating. It is an Alaskan Otter. I wore it the first time it snowed with my black leather gloves and my black angora hat and it was just right! The woman who gave it to me lives in California. California is a state where people are afraid to wear fur. Someone might throw paint on you or harass you in someway. There are people who will look down on you for keeping your dog outside there. They would not like it here. Dogs live outside if you have a house and people wear fur. Just like in the old days before picket signs were invented!

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