Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Second snow day!

Michelle was happy. Tom's prayers were answered. Nathan thought it was neat. Anna was squealing with delight. Brownie sniffed it and then licked it! Some people were not thrilled about the slushy sidewalks but it was still a great day.

Spencer and Michelle were waiting for us with snowballs when we got to school.

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The teachers were not convinced that we should have the day off due to the snow. Actually, if this were America there was not enough snow on the ground to merit a snow day, either. I mean if this were Kansas we would still have had to show up! Cuz, hey, the streets were clear!

Today Olya was at the school. She got to help out as the teacher for the preschoolers. Kurt and Rochelle hired her for the day. When school was over she was leaving with Rochelle. I was standing with Nathan and Spencer at the bus stop. Olya snuck up behind me and grabbed me around the waist and said "tebyah dehngee eelee zheeznee!" (your money or your life) Spencer was ready to hit her. Fortunately, I recognized her voice!

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