Thursday, December 01, 2005

Review Time!

Lessons 13-19 were reviewed today. We had to go over all the vocabulary from those lessons. It was hard to remember some of those words. It seems like such a long time ago!

Spencer did not want to say the word for 'boring'. If you don't say it right you are saying the word for female dog. Lena told him yesterday that it was a "plohoy russki slovah" ( a bad Russian word) and not to say it. Nathan immediately reached for a dictionary to look it up! She was saying "No, No!" But, since Nathan was spelling it wrong (in Russian ) she explained it to us. We told her it was the same in English. That the female dog word is okay to say about a dog but not about a woman!

When we were in class today and Spencer was avoiding saying the word so I finally explained to Inga, our teacher why he was doing it. Judy said that was like the day when she was trying to say that she put her pencil in her folder 'popka" only she said "pypka" which is the word for butt! Inga said that at least she used the polite word for butt. If you say the word for garden which is 'sod' with a z instead of the s you are saying the not so nice word!

Oh, the things we learn at school! We also heard about the day someone's pastor was speaking at church about Jesus' death on the cross. But instead of cross (kreste) he said kresla which is ARMCHAIR! He had to pause while everyone was laughing!

Gives Easter a whole new meaning!

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