Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Plates stand on the table

Learning about language teaches you more about the culture.

In Russian the dishes do not lay on the table they stand. Only the silverware lies on the table. Our dishes are set on the table in English. Does that make our dishes lazy?
Yesterday, Ann saw Talitha standing in the doorway. She calls Talitha "Tinkerbell". Perhaps because she is so tiny and cute. When she saw her standing in the doorway Ann said "tinkerbell is chewing gum!" Tom said "That's my code word!" It sounded like that was the code to rob a bank or something. Robert caught on quick and it was the running joke all afternoon.

Today, Mike, Robert and Tom were all sick with a sore throat. It appears that "tinkerbell is chewing gum" released the virus that made all the guys sick!


I got a special treat when I opened my email today. I heard from my oldest nephew who is away at college. It was such a blessing to get a note from him and to know that he is praying for us. He is a very special young man. His college graduation is in May of 06'. Our family is very proud and excited for him.

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