Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Family news and Russian headline!

Words that sound the same confuse us. I suppose when people learn English all the ryhming words are annoying. Today I thought the cashier at the market was calling me her friend. She was just telling me I could get another carton of eggs. The plural of friend and the word for "other/another" sound similiar. Anyhow, I was thrilled with being allowed to get another carton of eggs without having to pay. Last week this guy ahead of us in line had his bottle of beer break on the way out. The cashier just looked at him and then handed him another bag for his groceries. While Spencer was bagging our food the carton of eggs fell on the floor. I was allowed to replace them! I always shop at that market with one of the boys. I have not gone on there with Tom. If she had pity on me because she thought I was a single mom I am grateful. There are many single moms here and it's good to know that women look out for one another!

Spencer does not like having men check out his Mama. He told me this morning when we were out doing the marketing that some guy was checking me out. He said he stared the guy down. When we got home he told his Dad what he he had done. I keep referring to him and his brother as the boys. I need to remember that they are young men.

We had a great lesson today. We are learning more verbs and are getting better with what we already know. Lena had us practicing greeting one another. That was helpful... now we know not just context but the exact words people are saying to us when we are being introduced to them. Lena taught us the informal greetings that we hear at church and out shopping. Instead of the formal ones we will learn at school. When our lesson was over Spencer was concerned that Lena did not have an umbrella... I asked her in Russian if she did. She was so excited. She made me write out the question and told Tom and I that if you verbally ask the question you say it one way but if you write the question you say it another way. Pacheemoo? (why?) we ask her! Her standard explanation is "grammatika!" We can ask at language school. Evidentally there is more than one way to use the verb have! We talked about the English "I am" in Russian you do not say "I am" Lena said Russians already know that "they are" so they just simply say "I"! The "am" is assumed.... I remember in Spanish "soy" is "I am" but in Russian "yah" is just "I". Language study can also give insight in to the culture and the more we learn the more we want to learn!


Amorous bull trashes Russian shop
A stationer's shop in a Russian town is counting the cost of a passionate fling involving a bull which followed a cow after it trotted in from the street.
There may not have been much china in the shop in Pionersk but eight panes of glass got smashed in the process, Russia's Interfax news agency reports.

The shop assistant fled outside where help was summoned with a mobile phone.

Yet there was nothing for it but to wait for the "end of the act" after which the pair vacated the premises.

The owners of the shop in the port on the Baltic, in the Kaliningrad region, were counting the damage on Monday as the owners of the offending beasts were sought, local police told Interfax.

So shocked was the shop assistant that she forgot to press the shop's "panic button" in her haste to escape.

Security guards and passers-by gathered in the street but were powerless to intervene.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/06/21 00:49:21 GMT



  1. Hi there, I read this story in the newspapers here and thought it was hilarious! Glad you are enjoying your language studies and finding it interesting - keep sharing these updates - and may God continue to help you in this vital part of your Russian ministry!

  2. Thanks Clare!
    Keep us in your prayers. This language is not easy to learn. But, we joyfully work hard at it daily!