Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is not the thing to do when you are hungry. Grocery shopping in a European market when you are missing food from home and are hungry is a deadly combination!

Tom came with me to the market today.... my list only had a few items on it. But, when you shop in Russia if you find it.... get it! I was looking in the milk section when I finally came across something I have spent six weeks looking for; no, not peanut butter... we still cannot find that. But, I did find Bunny Milk!!!! The Sharp guys love bunny milk. I could not find strawberry Nestle Quick or any equivalent anywhere else I had looked. Today, Eureka! There it was in the milk section a box of "kubneeka moloka" Strawberry milk. Why do bunnies give strawberry flavored milk? I'm not sure. Tom says it's because they hop through strawberry patches.

After we finished up our shopping Tom found us a taxi. He has adapted Russian tactics. He offered a driver 100 rubles (about 3$) to take us home instead of waiting for the woman he was there for! The driver pounced on it! We took off lickety split! Taxis were scarce...it was during rush hour and we had a cart full of frozen and perishable food! Tom negotiates price before the ride now like a pro. We know the city well enough and we have tram-vi and trolley-bus passes so we don't have to waste money on a taxi unless we have a need for one!

I made a Mexican dinner when we got home. Spencer loves things like that... eating Mexican food in Russia. This morning he told me he thought it was funny that here he was in Russia reading a Japanese book that had been translated into English!

It's a small world!

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