Thursday, June 16, 2005

Shopping in the Rain

"treat-sit vosem, Ah!" As Spencer and I were leaving the house today to get our marketing done we were confronted by a little old lady who was looking for Marzhutka # 38A. She was concerned that maybe it was not working. I agreed with her. As I was I speaking with her we missed our bus. I tried to get away politely but she would not stop talking. I even tried using "I don't understand" but she kept on talking. I said "I only speak a little Russian" to her and told Spencer we need to go and catch a tram-vi instead. We started walking and she followed us still talking about the marzhutka. I asked her to excuse us and told her we were going to the tram-vi. Wouldn't you know it! She's still talking!

Spencer and I broke into a little run. I think she was harmless--- but we needed to get going!

We started taking our photos for our respective blogs and finally got to the tram-vi stop. We thought it looked like rain but we didn't want to go back near our house.... there was a babushka waiting for us back there! We made it onto the tram-vi just as the rain started. Once we got downtown on Krasnaya it was coming down hard. We needed to find an ATM. It took us four different locations before we were successful! Each machine was broken down. After we got our cash we looked in several stores for an umbrella. Now we have an extra for a guest! Finally, we were ready to shop. Walking in the rain is refreshing!

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