Thursday, June 09, 2005

O What A Beautiful Day

Asking for directions in the USA is not the same as asking for directions here in Krasnodar. I asked a young lady, Nina, for directions today. I wanted to go to the Visheevoy Renoc (which is huge) by trolleybus or tram-vi. I was able to form the sentence to ask in Russian about the trolley bus. As I was speaking to Nina, her mom and sister came up. They talked and agreed the best way was by tram-vi. They showed me on my map. Then they asked me to walk with them. Spencer was with me and we were both in shock as we realized that they were walking us to the tram-vi stop! After we had walked about 3 blocks the mom and sister turned to go home letting Nina take us all the way there.... another 3 blocks. She waited with us until we got on the correct tram-vi. She told me to tell the conductor I wanted off at "astanovka visheevoy renoc ".

We were even able to have a conversation.... she told me that she was from Krasnodar and asked me where I was from. She asked what I was doing in Krasnodar. She wanted to know what the weather is like in California. I was able to answer her completely in Russian. She even asked me how long I had been studying Russian. When she heard that I have only been studying for 6 weeks she was shocked! It is good that we have been working with Lena for 6 hours a week and reading the dictionary before going to bed pays off! Lena says we are to listen when Russian speakers talk. I listened closely to how Nina conjugated verbs. I learned a few new ones today. I get to tell Lena at our lesson tomorrow. With the help of the Nina, the conductor and the girl I sat next to on the tram-vi; Spencer and I made it safely to the renoc!

My tickets to Rome arrived today. Hallelujah! (the heavens part and a choir is singing!)

I went over to the Language school to pick them up. The driver told the dispatcher that he could not deliver them at first because no one was home. Hmmmm.... the tickets were being delivered to the school. All the office personnel were there at work. I don't know what address he went to but it was not the school. The dispatcher called the driver to try again and I had Spencer wait outside. He came in about 15 minutes later to tell me that the DHL guy had arrived. I was there to sign for it and it was time for the happy dance!

This is who I will be going to see in Rome!


  1. Ahem... you are also going to see ME!!! Grrrrrr.

  2. ooopsie!
    I am going to see my bestest and favorite buddy in the whole wide world! Hopefully she will forgive me for not mentioning her before!

    I apologize, Erin....

  3. *looks around, satisfied* My work here is done! Hee, hee!