Wednesday, June 29, 2005


When in Rome....

I would like to speak Italian but all I can say is thank you! I knew what I would do here; I am speaking Russian! In Vienna they all spoke German, not me... I spoke Russian. Thankfully on my flight I sat beside a Russian man. I was able to speak to him. He was bringing a group here to Rome. When I was over the Ukraine my phone let me know that the satellite was welcoming me to it's service. I received the same reception from the Italian satellite also.

It is hard to focus when you are sitting between two young men playing an online fighting game. I am not sure what language they are speaking it might be Japanese! Correction, they keep switching between English, Italian and Japanese!

I went out to get some photos today and got some great shots in the church that the pope is from. I cannot post them until I get home. I got into an argument with the taxi driver he did not want to give me my correct change from my ride to the metro station. Guess who won... not him! I was not impressed with his tour of the city and I was not going to pay for it!

I got text messages from all my guys at home they all sound great. I hope Tom finally got some sleep. He volunteered to help get one of the students to the airport last night. You see to get me to the airport I caught a ride with a group of kids going back to the states who had been here teaching Russian churches how to do puppet ministies in their churches. Well one of the girls had a different flight and Tom and Mike (the coordinator) had to take her later, that allowed Mike's wife to go home and sleep. My group had to be at the airport by 2:30 am. Our flight left at 5:40 am. It was cool to see the international side of the Krasnodar airport, they speak English there.... but you know what I'm going to say, not me! I spoke Russian.

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  1. Good to know your still speaking russian. Hope you have fun taking good pictures.