Friday, June 10, 2005

Language Practice

When our lesson ended Lena was in the entry way putting on her shoes preparing to leave. I was making an attempt to practice the new words we had just learned by asking her in Russian where she was going. However, I got my words mixed up and ended up asking her where she was right now! Duh! The smile she has when we make that kind of mistake is priceless. She corrected me and waited for me to say it right and then she answered the question. One day I will get it right the first time. I hope she doesn’t have a heart attack when that happens!

Top Ten Signs the Sharps have finished a Language Lesson:

10: Nathan is asking for ice cream
9: Alida is doing her homework
8: Tom is taking a nap
7: Spencer is playing with Brownie
6: Nathan is reading in his room
5: Alida decides to go shopping
4: Spencer is watching Russian TV
3: Tom is still napping
2: Alida comes back from shopping & makes dinner
1: Spencer is trying to sing the “Frito Bandito” song in Russian!
(Yah, Yah, yah yah, Yah, Frito Bandito! ... )

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