Thursday, June 23, 2005

Russian home owners?

Apartment owners we are; but not on paper! In Krasnodar foreigners cannot own property. Some good friends of ours technically own our apartment. But, the paperwork is all done and we will start moving things in on Tuesday. I was speaking with Franzi today and she suggested that we immediately change the locks. When she and Klaus got their apartment they were glad that they changed the locks because the very next morning there were angry people lined up outside the door waiting with their non-working keys to get in. They had been rented rooms! We will take her advice. She gave me a lot of helpful tips today. About getting a water meter installed so we do not over pay for water and also about being able to rent a post office box nearby. Her building is three buildings away. It will be good to have her as a neighbor. She has been here for 9 years and knows the city well. She goes back to Germany for a short while each summer but is here for most of the year. Tom has hired Ervand to oversee the remont(repair). He also knows the city very well and he can direct us to the shops that have the best prices on paint, tile and what not! We can hardly wait. Tom called to check on why the wire transfer took so long. It was a clerical (data entry) error by the bank in the US. It actually made it here in two days and was sent back and had to be re-done!

Nathan and I went out shopping today and we picked up a few things for the house. We also found more drawing paper and erasers for him. I usually do most of the talking in Russian and then ask the guys in English if that is all they want and then finish the transaction in Russian. As we headed home Nathan said "people are going to think you are my interpretor" Pshaw! Like he could afford me! Right now I work for MOM wages... zip! Later on buddy; watch out! I require at least one grandchild from each of them! But, that will come later.... much, much later!

Nathan has decided that his favorte Russian word comes from the movie Madagascar.. Alex the lion, sneaks up on Marty the zebra, and says "sooopreez!" Tom and I were watching the Nanny last night. Which is an exact copy of the American show. It looks like they have copies of all the scripts and everything. During the TV show last night there was a scene where the Nanny's mother comes in unexpectedly and shouts "sooopreez!" Tom and I have not laughed that hard in a few days! I could hardly wait for Nathan to wake up so I could tell him! We have all been saying it to one another. Try it.... it is a fun word to say! "SOOOPREEZ!"

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