Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Show me the money!

We are still waiting for the funds to be wired to the bank account here so we can finalize the deal on the apartment. We know it's in transit but they are worried on this end.

Spencer and I went out shopping today. He suggested that I buy a Russian-Italian dictionary for my trip to Rome. He does not want me to look like an American. He wants me to be a Russian on holiday! My passport is from America though. hmmmmm.... But it does show that I was born in the UK.... maybe they will be confused in Italy too. Here no one seems to know where I am from! I'm just an Air Force brat; not really from anywhere! I bought the dictionary.... we'll see what happens!

Tom and I had an interesting discussion on language last night before bed. Here they say "Gah-vie-ee" instead of Hawaii. Why? The "Huh" sound is in the language. The "X" makes a "H" sound so it could be "HA-vie-ee" what's up with that? They also say "Reem" and not "Rome". They say "Italia" for "Italy". What is up? It is confusing when things don't seem logical. We are making a list of questions for language school. August won't come soon enough! We are also putting together some phrases for a family that will get here a few weeks before school starts. We have been asked to help them out. It will have things on it that we wished we had written out for us. People told us how to say them but we both have ADD and are visual learners so we needed flash cards or lists or something!!!! Anyway, we will be ready when it's our turn to help out! I have a notebook full of words and phrases and Tom has color coded notecards!


  1. Um, I think that Italians refer to their country as Italia as well.

    Every language has different ways of pronouncing place names. In English we call Russia's capital Moscow, but it's Moskva.

    I am a little puzzled as to why some "H" places become "G" in Russian and others "X" (kh), but that's just how it is.

  2. Yeah, Italians say Italia also... It is interesting to take note of what things are similar and what is different. We love learning and hope to be fluent some day. Our tutor learned English in 3 months however, we know for us Russian will take much longer!!!!