Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vatican Museum

Sistine Chapel, original works of art, Vatican artifacts.... what can you say about all that history!

I waited in line for about two hours to get in. The price of admission was 12 euro. The euro is at a 1.24 American today. So it was cheaper than Disneyland but still pricey! I thought I was never going to find the end of the line to get in. I followed a couple of priests for awhile but I lost them.... how do you lose a priest? I don't know; the same way I lost track of the 15 nuns I was following. This is Rome. There seems to be no concept of a line. If there is a slight break in the crowd other will come along and fill in. Our Border Collie, Domo, would go nuts here. After I got inside I went to work taking photos. It got to be overwhelming after a while. I felt like there was no place to stop. But, I just could not keep on taking picture after picture of so much beauty. I felt like I was peeking into history and it was weird.

Things overheard at the museum:
"there's too many things to take pictures of"
"yeah, it beats modern art"
"what was all that sh$% we saw in London?"
"I'm such in awe...I am just in awe!"
"there is just too much to take in"
"Thank God, it's cool in here!"
"well, why didn't someone tell me that sooner?"
"it's too much grandeur...I have grandeur fatigue!"

I ran out of room on my memory card I looked for another one. I found one that was 90 euros. I heard all the men in my life screaming "90 euros!" Thankfully it was the wrong size! She suggested downloading all my photos onto a disc. That was 7 euros. Did you hear the men all sigh with relief? While she took care of my memory card I went to eat lunch. I have discovered that Italian chickens are skinny too and not just Russian chickens. I guess in the States they must do hormone injections to make them nice and plump!

After I got my memory card back it was time for the picture gallery. That was amazing. The Last Supper is behind glass. But I got a decent shot of it. In the Sistine Chapel no one is allowed to take photos. But.... with my new camera being silent and the flash turn off.... I took off the lens cap and pointed the camera to the ceiling and prayed for a decent photo. I could not even look at it until I left the room. There is a Russian word for this that I am sure Tom is thinking of as he reads this. Appruvdonyah. Justification! Someone else did it; so I did it too! I prayed for forgiveness when I left the room... I hope that taking a photo in the Sistine Chapel is not a mortal sin! If so there are many priests around here who can hear my confession. I just have to walk outside and I will find one if I walk far enough!

The guys seem to be doing well here is part of an email I got from Tom:

Ella came & cleaned & ironed. I gave her one of the 1 liters of honey. We'll never eat both of them. Spencer & Nathan went to Scrooges to get frozen pizza but they didn't have any. I sent Nathan back to buy Russian dumplings. Spencer cooked them & some broccoli for lunch. Spencer & I were getting ready to leave in the afternoon & Alexei M showed up! I told him he was supposed to come yesterday. He's scheduled for next Tues @ 2. Spencer & I caught the 14 & went to Savoy Renoc to get Trolleybus & Tramvye passes for July. We walked past about 20 furniture stores - many had beds but they were all cheap looking furniture. We can skip these stores - cross them off your list. We got 2 passes, then we WALKED to Tabris...mozshitbit 1 to 2 miles. We shopped & got a taxi & came home. I brought home broiled kuritza for dinner. I let Spencer post his photos on his blog tonight after Erin called & said that you had sent an email. Watch out for the heat wave in Italy. It's already killed some old people.I love you.T


I have not watched the news here but I keep hearing the ambulances go by. I was wondering about the heatwave. I took a huge bottle of water with me when I stood in line! It is hotter than blazes here. And to get into the Sistine Chapel you have to have your shoulders and knees covered. I came back to the hotel and changed ASAP!!!


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