Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A dog was chasing a chicken

It was a normal day. We saw a dog chasing a chicken. Spencer told me that would make a good blog title. So there you go. It was a comical sight. Maybe the dog didn't want the chicken on that side of the road!

This little girl is Anna. Kurt and Rochelle's daughter. She has the cutest little voice. She is fussing at Tom. He wants some of her cookies and she is emphatically telling him they are only for the little kids and he is a "BIG BOY!" and he cannot have any! Because the cookies are only for her and her little friends! Even when Tom asked if he could be her little friend she still said "NO!" He was too big!

Today in class Inga was naming cities and asking us what country they were in. I was naming as many as possible because I didn't want Michelle to laugh at me! You see when she came over I told her about what our friend Mark from Canada used to say. Mark always said that Americans are geographical idiots. We would correct him and say that we were geographically challenged or illiterate! Fortunately, Inga didn't do any really hard ones. I mean we all know where Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Melbourne, Delhi and Peking are right? The funny one was someone stumbled over Washington. But, I won't say who because they may read this! And I don't want to get beat up after school!

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