Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pa Gorotu

Taxi Drivers are good language teachers. Spencer and I went out to get money to pay our bill at school. We have been going over to Krasnaya Ploshad because that is where the Alpha Bank ATM machine is that has dollars, euros or rubles is. We needed to pay our bill in Dollars. Yes I was there the other day. The bill we owe right now is just over 2000 dollars and we were waiting for World Venture to deposit the money into our account to pay the bill. However, Alpha Bank will only let us take out 300 hundred dollars at a time so I had to do this transaction over the course of a few days. We don't have an account with Alpha Bank that is just the ATM in town that contains dollars and does not charge a fee on this end to use! Banking internationally is always a chore!

Spencer and I got in the taxi to come home and the taxi driver asked me if I wanted to prayahma (go straight) or pa gorotu. I understood the go straight. I figured out from context that pa gorodu must mean through the city. I sent a text message to one of my teachers who is a friend and she verified that it can mean through the city or around the city to different places. I am glad I chose to go straight...

Nathan is watching a movie. Lena told him it was important to rest his brain.
Tom is taking a nap... no one ever has to tell him to rest his brain!
Spencer is playing a game on his DS. I cannot tell if his brain ever rests.
I am ready to take a break but I don't know if moms are allowed!

I spoke with a young lady who is contemplating marriage. She asked me about discipline for children. I told her about how we disciplined the boys. She wanted to know if we ever "beat" them. That is what the good church people do here. I told her the boys were swatted on the behind for dangerous behavior like running into the street or touching the oven. Or they got a swat for disobeying us on purpose. We also talked about time outs and losing toys or other consequences. She said the alternative here to a beating is to make your child kneel in a corner placing the knees on dried peas or grains of rice or salt. Salt here is not fine like iodized salt in the U.S. It is very coarse and has larger grains than sea salt. And once it cuts through the skin it would then burn.

I cannot imagine ever making a child do something like that!


  1. Hannah11:44 AM

    Mothers are definitely allowed rest-time and usually need it more than the rest of the family!

    My parents have always been pretty disciplinary (my predominant punishment as a smaller child was being spanked, and it was very effective) but nothing like the salt thing. *grimace* That's awful!

  2. cyottee1:30 PM

    Purl,I once dated a man from Bombay,India and as a child he was quized on his studies each evening and if he missed ANY he was made to kneel on a bed of salt!H e was a very nice man with a great deal of self discipline.We think of India as a third world country but his lifestyle was superior to ours in many ways, such as values and respect of family and work ethics.

  3. Hannah,
    Thank you for the permission to rest!

    I did make it to bed earlier than normal and it made a difference in class today. I was actually in tune with the teacher!

    ***discipline is different all over the world. I would rather get a spanking than kneel on salt!

  4. Cyottee,
    Some cultures use community and other use shame to cultivate values... Some cultures have lost the sense of family values and work ethics. Education is highly valued in many different cultures and how they get children to learn is sometimes shocking to us as westerners!