Saturday, November 12, 2005

Post office fit!

Try throwing a fit in a different language. I know I should have remained calm. But this woman just plain ticked me off. She decided who she was going to give out packages to and who she was not. I was on her list of "was not".

I tried to pick up a package today that had Tom's name on it. I was told I could do this. Other people at school have done this for each other. This woman decided today that since this package was from China that Tom was the only one who could receive it. What?

I told her this was not true! I called this woman a liar! Can you imagine me doing this! She wanted to know what she said that was not true. The other woman behind the counter was laughing and saying that I did not understand. I said "I understand that the package was for my husband and that I had done this before and that they were not telling me the truth." And then stormed out.

Did I leave a good impression behind?

Will I be remembered?

This is a city if 1.2 million and I have seen 4 other black women in the entire time we have been here. I don't think I will be forgotten. And I could be the butt of many jokes.

Tom will go to the post office on Monday maybe I need to go too and take chocolates. Culture stress shows up in so many different ways. Today was my day I guess.

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