Friday, November 25, 2005

Great Movies

Nathan, Spencer and I tried to go to the movies yesterday. However, we were not interested in seeing "The Seven Demons of Emily Rose", "Between Heaven and Earth" or "Elisabethan". So we went over to the video store and purchased a few. Then we had pizza... well Spencer and I did. Nathan had 'shashlik'. Shashlik is grilled meat on a skewer. It is very tasty!

Afterwards we strolled around the mall for a bit a found a toy store. We purchased a game that is like Scrabble. But it is for children and it is in Russian. We are hoping it will help us with our spelling in Russian!

If you have not seen "The Merchant of Venice" with Al Pacino we highly recommend it. It seemed as if it were written just for him.

"The Lion in Winter" is also very good. This is the one with Glen Close and Patrick Stewart.

Our final movie was "Eulogy". We thought it was hilarious. We seem to enjoy movies about dysfunctional families!

It was fun to purchase these movies and be able to spend our family day watching together. Movies here are very cheap. Of course we do not always know if we are purchasing a legitimate copy or not. Even when it is in a store it could still be bootleg. Some of the copies are so well done it is hard to tell. But when you see the heads of the people in the audience you know for sure!!!

Tomorrow we are required to go to a cultural event for the school. We will be seeing the Cossack Choir. The guys around here and at school have been making bad jokes because the Russian word for choir is "hor". You can imagine what is being said. "we have to go see a 'hor'!" and then laughing. And these guys are pastors, engineers and teachers.... real mature!!

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