Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tom has minor surgery!

Tom had minor surgery on his foot today. The surgeon was able to remove three small pieces of plastic. Tom had to pay three rubles for the little plastic booties that they wore as they went in to the hospital!

He is resting comfortably at home. He made a friend at the hospital. He told the Russian nurse that an American nurse went in with a probe and tried to remove the objects and couldn't do it. So he had to come to the Russians to do something that the American couldn't. Due to his charm she is now coming in on her day off to change the dressing on his foot!

Tom said the surgeon revved his little saw and then asked for permission to operate! Tom asked for something to numb the pain first. After he got a shot then an incision was made and they went in. He is relieved to have this ordeal over with! The translator who went with him almost passed out at the sight of the blood....

Her English is better than her tolerance for the sight of an open wound!

One of the students at school was waiting for her (Nellie) for his Russian lesson. I told him she went with Tom to the hospital.
"O, does Tom have the flu? he asked me.
another student answered for me--
"not unless it's in his foot!"

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