Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Guests for over for Dinner and No Oven

Well it is Tuesday.

I don't have an oven.

I don't have a sink.

I had seven people here for dinner.

Alexei asked Lena how I cooked. Lena told him to ask me. I have a small convection oven that is the size of a microwave. I originally wanted to get two ovens... like a lot of homes in California. I was out shopping for a slow cooker one day when I came across the "maihleenkayah plita" (small oven) I thought it would be an nice asset to the kitchen and help out when I have large meals to make. I didn't expect it to be the ONLY oven in the house for the past two weeks!

I made ground beef and risotto. When it was done I wrap the dish in foil and then in towels and set it aside.

I started making the biscuits. I doubled my biscuit recipe- added sugar, vanilla and zucchini. I served them with butter and syrup. They were a hit! No one seemed to have a problem eating all their veggies. I put a cup and a half of zucchini in the mix!

The whole meal was hot and filling. No one left hungry. As I was cleaning up after everyone was gone I thought about all the hands that took part in our meal.

Alexei brought over cookies for desert.
Spencer made tea and served tea.
Nathan went to the store for water and juice.
Jeff D., a highschool friend, sent the syrup from America!
Judy H. told me I could use butter in place of shortening in a recipe.
Sadie C. is so good at making everyone feel welcome in her home and I am trying to follow her example.

It is often stressful here to not have things go the way we might want them to go. It will be wonderful to have the kitchen completed. But, it is also fun to be able to pull off a great meal and have everyone be amazed at how it was done! The women here in Russia are the role models for that. Enormous meals come out of the tiniest of kitchens. God gives us the grace to do that which we think cannot be done.

Our task is to keep following God's lead one day at a time!


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Hey purl-I just gotta say I.ve taken to you like'white on rice'!I'm wanting to send you a goodie bag but didn't know where to send.I have 1000's of beads of all sorts-well with exception of those designer lampwork I like so much.If there are any beading supplies you need let my know cuz I am on ebay every day.I am eager to help one who helps so many........so send me an addy at billie-pommeranz@peoplepc.com

  2. I just answered you with an email! Thanks you really are a sweetheart!