Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thanksgiving Party

Today was the big party at Judy B's house. I made two blueberry cobblers and kept one at home. The guys were very happy about that. I also made a salad and took over some potatoes. Turns out that 2 other people brought mashed potatoes so I got to bring mine back home. That means potato soup for lunch tomorrow!

I made a salad with real lettuce. That was a big treat. I was just glad I made enough for everyone. We had over 29 people there. Most of the students from the school came.

Sonja is Swiss so there were jokes about her being neutral and not taking sides.

Sasha had never had some of the traditional American foods before and I was excited to hear her speaking English. She can speak very well. But, she is also a language helper so she normally does not speak to us in English only Russian. Today I spoke to her in Russian and she spoke to me in English. It was good to see her there. She works very hard and she needs to take days off!

Michelle didn't get to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving so she was glad for all the food. She almost fell asleep in the big leather chair in the kitchen after dinner!

Tom played several different card games. One that he understood and one that he did not. The one he understood we have played before in the States. Dutch Blitz. The one he didn't understand was a Russian card game. Maybe because of the way it was explained. Sonja speaks three languages but English is not her first. And Sasha also speaks three languages. I walked into the other room because I felt confused as it was being explained. And I was not even playing!

It was fun to see eveyone's children. Talitha is not quite two. And she grabbed my hand and had me sit with her to read books. She gave me a book and she picked out a book for herself. We read together for a little while. It is amazing to me the power that little ones have to get grown ups to do things they normally would not do. Joyce H. and I were both on the floor because Talitha wanted us there!

Joyce B. brought her dog. The dogs name is Pappy. She is a papillon. Or as Tom says "a large rat" Joyce wanted to come over and spend time with us at our house and bring Pappy. Great... Brownie might like French food! We told Joyce B. that our dog would make a snack out hers!

Before dinner Judy B. gave people a chance to say what they were Thankful for. Nathan said he was grateful for the year we have had and for finally having a place that felt like home! That really choked me up. I love our apartment. And it does feel like home here in Krasnodar.

Judy H. brought a portable CD player for the kids to watch a movie. Michael and Talitha watched The Incredibles together. I asked Janet if they were on a date! She said "yeah, dinner and a movie!"

Janet and Patrick are from Kentucky. Janet says there are at least 5 different ways to say Louisville. It was so cute to hear Talitha speaking with a little southern accent. She was saying "mah-kal" instead of "mikal"!

I got the chance to talk with Jim about the highway patrol officers in Texas. He is a former Texas police officer. I told him I have successfully talked my way out of tickets in three other states but not Texas. He said that the highway patrol guys are the worst. I told him that I even let the guy know that my mother was in the hospital. He said that you will just get the "yes mam, I am sure the judge will take that into consideration." Oy, don't mess with Texas!

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