Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just stopping by!

After church Valentin and Sveta stopped by to pick up their disk. They borrowed our camera for their honeymoon. I took all of their photos and put them on a disk and combined them with their wedding photos.

It was fun to have them over. Sveta reminds me of myself when I was newly married. I remember going over to Tom's parents house for dinner and feeling very nervous!

Valentin brought over a copy of a video that showed the village where he was from.
This website will give you an idea!

Valentin is from a place called Chukotka. It is near the Bering Sea. Close to the Bering Strait. We saw them fish for seal meat. Eat reindeer. We saw the city as it looked when Valentin left in 1997. He had the chance to go and live with a host family in Alaska after that for two years. And then he came to Krasnodar. It was so cold you could see the snow blowing over the landscape. The baptism we watched was done in a bathtub indoors!

If you click on the weather link it will say the village names in Russian and give the temps in Celcius. I have been informed that at -40 is where F & C meet up!

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