Wednesday, November 30, 2005

When Do I Eat Snack?

Have you ever heard of a mneumonic? Today in class we were talking about the weather. Janet uses a mneumonic (memory device) to help her remember the word snow in Russian. Lena, my language helper also uses one to help her remember the word snake in English.

Janet remembers "you cannot have snow for a snack" snow is snegk in Russian.
Lena remembers "snake sounds like snegk"

One day during a language lesson Lena started giggling when I said "snegk". I asked her if I said it wrong. She said. "no, you said it right. I visualised snakes!"

Spencer, Nathan and I have a review tomorrow of the past six lessons. It is oral. That means study time tonight!

Tom is walking much better each day.

Janet gave me a copy of her notes of the Ten things women srtuggle with on the Field. It comes from a talk the founder of the language school Diane Thomas gave while I was in Ukraine!

1 Balance

2 Lonliness

3 Expectations

4 Coping with Change

5 Coping with Criticism

6 Lack of Ministry Skills

7 Health Issues

8 Money Issues

9 Devotional Life

10 Conflict and Difficulty in Team

I believe that it is not just the women who struggle with some of these issues!

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