Thursday, November 17, 2005

Vihhodnoy! (Weekend)

We are so ready to rest by Thursday... our brains are mush. Grammar is hard for us in English. I will just speak for us... who knows, maybe someone out there LOVES grammar! Studying grammar in Russian feels like climbing a mountain in shoes with no traction. We are not holding on to the concepts!

All of the classes slowed to a crawl on the motion verbs (no pun intended). If you go somewhere by walking you use a different verb than if you arrived there by a vehicle. And if you are going out for a walk that is a completely different verb. So, now when we open our mouths we are supposed to know what gender, what case, what tense and what aspect of speech we are using! Oy, mamuchka! Why didn't God send us to Spain? We all had a head start with Spanish.

Today we started a new lesson in my class. Our dialogues are about going on vacation at the sea and getting a tan! I don't think I will use it much but the vocabulary is helpful!

Spencer was given three lessons today. So that he can catch up to where my class is. He will be joining me in December. The class Nathan is moving to is on the same lesson as our current class. They are usually only a day ahead of us. Nathan does not have to work hard to catch up. Spencer is trying to figure out when to get the extra study time in!

This month our budgeting is going better. We have spent a little more on taxis than normal because Tom cannot walk long distances. But we are watching our spending very closely! And one more trip to the ATM should pay off our current school bill.

If you have not seen the movie Calendar Girls you must get it on DVD or video and watch! We enjoyed it!

Woman Thou Are Loosed! is another good one. We watched it as a family and then discussed all the issues afterwards. If you have older teens this is a good family discussion movie. We talked about child abuse, drugs, how God sees us, the response of the church family and how healthy families should respond to these issues. We are grateful to be able to freely discuss these issues and answer our sons questions. They are 15 and 18. They need us to be able to answer honestly and we need to hear what they have to say about these issues too.

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