Sunday, November 20, 2005

up & down

вверх =verkh=up

Klaus spoke about emotions today. It is still very interesting to hear Klaus speak Russian with his German accent...

Anyway, he spoke about how giving ourselves over fully to God can bring stability to our emotions. We don't have to up one minute and down the next.

What sticks most in my mind? The words for up and down. You see, until Klaus spoke today, I was having a hard time remembering the words for up & down. Klaus must have said "verkh/vnees" ten or more times this morning. So thanks to him we had the words firmly imprinted on our brains! At least that was an answer to prayer. I truly wanted to understand something today. Though I did not 'get' everything he said. I caught quite a bit.

Nathan gets up early every morning to chat with his friends online. After getting up today he went back to sleep. In the past I would wake him up for church. However, we had a talk about me not telling him what to do anymore. So, as hard as it was for me to walk past his room I did it. I told Joyce H. when we got to church what I had done. She praised me and comforted me. She was was beaming she was so proud! Her three oldest children range from 27-23. Only Hannah is left with them at home and she is only 9. It is good to have someone I can go to when I need help parenting an adult.

Tom had some special visitors today and phone calls from his AA buddies. They are such caring people and they miss him when he can't make it to the meetings. He has not made it out in a few weeks due to the surgery on his foot.
His visitors today were Lena, Olya and another Lena. (that's what they called her... "droogoy Lena" it means other or another!) They came over because the other Lena wanted Tom to make her a necklace. She had seen our Lena's birthday gift and wanted something made for her too. Before she left she placed an order and told me while Tom was out of the room about bringing over more women. They want to do this like MaryKay or Tupperware. She an Olya had the idea to do home consultations. Tom can show off his magazines and beads and the gals who drop by can order exactly what they want. If all goes well Tom will be very busy soon! She goes to one of the larger churches here in the area. Her husband is very well known. He is THE computer here in the city. Her husband went to Bible College with our Lena. I love how God arranges things!

Spencer and I went out this evening. "Mwee gulalee na Krasnoy" (we walked on Krasnaya street) It was a lot like when Erin and I did the night stroll in Rome. The city comes alive on the weekends. And people were still out strolling past 8 on Sunday night! We walked almost two miles. By the time we were done we had found a new bookstore and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video in English!

We came home with double cheeseburgers, fries and a new movie for about

Such a life!

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