Monday, November 28, 2005

I have the best mother-in-law ever!

We recieved two packages today at school. One box had a cookbook in it from Mom. The title is Best of the Best from New Mexico. As soon as I saw the cookbook I blurted out "I have the best mother-in-law ever!" Nathan responded with "now that's not something you hear everyday!" Judi H. said that her "mother-in-law is great too!" and that not liking your mother-in-law is a just stereotype. I can hardly wait to read the cookbook and get started making some of the recipes! I think I need to look for black beans and green chiles!

Melanie and Jody are moving. It is very sad. They have been the schools unofficial greeters since they got here a year and a half ago. They have taken everyone shopping and showed them around the city. Now they are headed for a city near China. Everyone is going to miss them.

Nathan went to his new class today. Spencer and I teased him because 'just for today' our class is ahead of his. Nathan had no homework because he had already done the work on Wednesday that his new class did today. I think the grammar leveled the playing field. That class used to be the fast one. Now they are a day behind us. Oh well, we are all still learning and trying to make sense of it all! It really does not matter which class get the lesson is not a race. Some of the students in the other class will only be at the school for a year and it is a two year course. Our family and just two other families are staying the full two years. There are others who are hoping too. But, they are not sure.

Please notice the mailing address is posted now on the blog and a Christmas Wish List. Some of the items are things we can always use. Like peanut butter and syrup. We try to always keep one jar and give one away. Many Russian children like Peanut Butter and it is very filling. Small packages are best to send. So they won't think we are trying to start a business!

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