Wednesday, November 09, 2005

feeling sick

Tom stayed home today because his foot hurt.
I stayed home because I have a cold.
The kitchen is closer to being finished. The last piece we need is a pipe to connect the stove to the gas line. When I tried saying pipe no one knew that English word. Finally I remembered that the Russian word is Schlongk. Lena is going to pick one up tomorrow.

My teacher Arina has been coming over to give me massages. My fibromyalgia is really helped by her type of massage. She only focuses on muscle. I gave her a copy of an English book on massage. She was extremely excited about it. She gave me a big kiss. Tom was happy too... one less book in the house!!!!
Nathan and I are enjoying her as a teacher. If she pronounces or spells an English word wrong all we have to do is tell her and she goes right on. Sometimes she will ask for us to write down the correct spelling. She is studying philology. She is learning about the roots of the Russian language and is studying the various languages that have a Russian base. She is very bright and very busy. Oh, to be 26 again!

I finally posted a few more pictures on the photoblog from Odessa.

They are inside the Orthodox church on the pier.


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I'll be praying that you get better soon! Looks like Nathan successfully passed on his virus, eh? ;)

  2. Yes, Nathan was taught to share... but, I should have been more specific I guess!

    Thanks for the prayers!