Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First Snowfall

Nathan saw it snowing and he told his Dad. Tom told me so I got out of bed to go and see the sight. I decided that Spencer needed to see it. So Tom woke him up too!

Michelle was so excited. I have never seen her this happy. She was literally skipping around today.

Judy B. from Alaska wanted to call someone last night and tell them to go and take a look but it was after ten so she restrained herself!

It is amazing that a place so hot in the summer can have snow also. I know this happens in Kansas to. I just didn't expect it here!

Nathan and I just started a new lesson. Spencer is hoping we don't get too far ahead since it means more work for him to catch up for when he joins my class. After memorizing the new dialogues I will be able to tell someone exactly how to get somewhere. Before I could do general directions. Today we learned the word for 'block' as in go three blocks. And we learned the word for 'turn'. That helps! I was just saying "it is on the right" (or left) now I can tell people to actually turn.

We were given a new phrase today too. "k sozhlenyoo" It means unfortunately.
You have to say the 'k' real quick and it has to go before the word to give it the right meaning. I had to go to the pharmacy after school to pick up some medicine I had ordered. I asked the lady for a reciept. she said "unfortunately, I cannot give you one for this because it was a special order and not in the computer." It seems like we always learn something and then go out into real life and hear it used.

Our class was practicing saying the months of the year today. Everyone was saying that it was someone's birthday. After a bit Arina got weary of this and asked "how many people are in our families". Coming from the smart aleck family that I do I still wanted to give one more answer about a birthday. I sat quiet until I figured out how to say it. I told them that Nathan was born in August "Natan rodilseeyah V Avgoosteh" and since I said it correctly in Russian Arina got a huge smile on her face and thanked me! And told me that sentence was "super". To hear it the way she says it you have to do it with a Russian accent. It sounds more like soo-pear (pear the fruit).

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