Friday, November 04, 2005

If you throw a friend a surprise party...

You get a kitchen sink!

I had a surpise birthday party for Lena. I found out this morning that her brother is able to install sinks! Olya came over to work this morning and to help me with the food for the party and she saw that the sink was in but not installed. When she heard the story about the why.... she got to work on the phone. My mother in law refers to me as "little" because I am shorter than her. Well, you should have seen this little Russian woman all riled up! She called Lena's brother and her own neighbor. Then we went to the store and bought parts. Then she called the store where we purchased everything and raised CAIN! I will have my oven installed on Monday. I think it is really going to happen.

As for Lena's party- Jim, Joyce and Hannah were the first guests to arrive. Lena works for them and they are all friends too. Lena had just worked over there cooking and cleaning. She had tasted the frosting for the cake and thought it was "tasty" she asked Joyce "if there would be guest for dinner" Joyce said "yes" she was at my house for dinner and there were guests!

At my house she saw Olya and I cooking stuffed mushrooms, Olivier salad, Barbequed Pork,ect.

Nathan had Lena help him purchase Internet cards and cell phone cards.

I told Lena we needed to go out and get a pork roast because Tom wanted me to make him a special dinner becuase of his surgery. (What I really needed was more meat when I counted more men were coming than women!)

You should have seen her face when she realised that dinner and the cake and all the trimmings were for her!

"I LOVE suprises!, I don't like doing my own party!"

It is traditional in Russia to make your own dinner and then clean up after! Joyce said Lena "is an American". We like it when someone else throws the party!

Lena was happy to have a party; it was her first party. She comes from a family of five brothers and maybe she would get a candy bar on her birthday. It was not about the gifts for her. It was about seeing her friends and being remembered.

Olya was glad I invited her and asked her to help me. Joyce was happy I included them. We all want to be included. We all want to be a part of. No matter who we are or where we are from! I was glad when they all came. And glad when they all left.... cuz when the men were finished eating... I got a sink!
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