Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hermitage Exhibit

You can check on the link and see a part of the exhibit we were able to see. I would love to be able to post my own photos. But, I was not allowed to take any at all. They would not even let me pay to take pictures. And since we were with friends from school who brought small children I needed to follow the rules!

Our teacher had instructed us at school not to talk when she purchased the tickets. She said that if they know we are foreigners they will raise the admission price. We reminded everyone to be quiet at the door. Then Arina looked at me and said "well, Alida doesn't look Russian anyway, so it doesn't matter!" She and I started laughing but others were not so sure how to take it. She has been coming over to give me massages. She has heard all of my stories about where people seem to think that I am from!

A group of us went out to eat after we left the exhibit. That was also a 'cultural experience'. I had my photo taken by someone with a cellphone! Wonder who she thinks I am? I hope she is not to disappointed when she finds out I am not a celebrity!

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