Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Na or V

We have all been learning cases and tenses. If you say Na before a word it means either in or on depending on the case you are using. And the same with V.

Arina was explaining in Russian to Janet and I after our role play that we could have included the chance to put the candy I "brought over to Janet's" on the table.
Janet was intensely trying to take all the instructions in and said:

"wait... is Alida on the table? what is going on the table?"

I looked at Janet and said:

"what kind of parties go on at your house?"

Later Arina explained how to politely let guests know that it is time for them to leave your house.

I said "Yes, when do we ask them to get off the table?"

Nathan and I went to Krasnaya Ploshad in a Marshutka after school. It was good to take a different mode of transportation. We have had lessons on transportation and how to ask for the stop we want. We were able to hear someone ask to be taken halfway to the next stop. We heard people use some of the exact words we have learned in our dialogues. Nathan commented on how last year we could not read or speak and now this year we can go where we want to go and get what we need because we know how to read and speak!

Spencer and I went over to pick up the painting I purchased in Rome. Tom and I took it over to the Art Store across the street to be framed. It looks very nice. And it was very reasonable in price. It was going to cost an arm and a leg to ship the frame from Rome! I think Erin said 125 Euros. I paid 310 rubles...around 12$.

Natasha over at the Art Store thinks our painting turned out "KLASSNA!" (awesome!)

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