Monday, October 31, 2005

Best foot forward

Tom has not been feeling well. He had something in his foot and has not been able to walk for about a week. On Sunday he called a friend who is a nurse and asked if she could come over and take a look at it. She had just returned from Kiev, Ukraine and was drained. She told him she couldn't make it outside her door! So, instead we sent for the nurse at our church who only speaks Russian. I wrote a note in Russian and Spencer delivered it. He brought back the nurse Tania and a translator; Valodya's daughter Sasha. They took a look at it and went out to the pharmacy and got some antibacterial gel for it and dressing for the wound. Tania wanted Tom to go to the doctor.

On Monday Tania, Tom and Natasha went over to the hospital where Tania works. They greeted the people at the front desk and just walked on back to the surgeon's office! No charge and no checking in or waiting.

Tom sent me a text message at school letting me know that he was fine. And that all he needed to do was keep soaking it in warm baths and go back if it gets worse. There is no infection. But, when our friend the nurse asked about him.... I said "he had to get to the doctor, he really can't walk very well and I dont know how he is doing right now! I am still waiting to TALK to him!" ( that was all true I just left out the part about the text message!) Tom was thrilled. This meant she was primed for a practical joke!

I sent her a text message later in the day (at his request) asking her
"What do you know about AMPUTATION?"
Immediately my phone rang!
"AMPUTATION?" she says...
"yeah, let me have you talk to Tom"

So he laid it on thick! "They didn't really amputate your foot?!"
"I can't feel anything because of the antiseptic!"
"if they amputated your foot you would be in the hospital for about eight months..."
"Oh, should I go back?"
"How much of your foot did they cut off?"
"I dunno. Whatever the doctor said. All I see iz a bloody bandage."
"How much of your foot did they remove?"
-- long pause - no answer --
"How much of your foot did they remove?"
"Oh. You better talk to 'Lida again."

Like she said the logical part of your brain says, "Tom is a joker; he must be kidding" but the other part says "this is Russia and they do things differently here!" When Tom put me back on the phone I spilled the truth. I was laughing so hard I could not keep it going! However, for about 3 minutes there on the phone Tom got her!

His grandfather, Charlie, would be so proud!

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