Friday, July 08, 2005

Can someone call an Ambulance?

Ok... Tom, way to give your wife a heart attack! I should have known a joke was coming. But, then it's Russia all things are possible!!!

I am glad we still have a building. This is what happens when you share your password with your husband! You never know what to expect....

Now that I can breathe again I will continue... all over the news here the London bombings are still at the forefront. I could not understand all that was being said however, when they show large German Shepards patroling the Metro station I think that means the bomb sniffing dogs are working. And they were at some of the tourist sites too. Like the Colosseum. I stayed in another day to get rested up and let my medicine work. Erin had a short rehearsal and came home early. We may go to another city for a visit tomorrow. It is an hour TRAIN ride away! They do have the trains under surveillance so I am really not worried. Besides, I don't believe it is my destiny to go that way!

I cannot believe that I have ten days left here in Rome. I cannot imagine what will happen to the apartment in Russia before I get back! Who knows what I will see next time I sign in to my blog!?

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