Monday, July 11, 2005

If you tear it down...will they build it?

We continue to press forward with the remont with the aid of our translator. I hate to see what would happen & how things would look without Tonya! Hopefully this week the concrete floors will be patched & leveled, the aluminum electrical system will be replaced, the plumbing replaced & walls repaired! It's a tall order in any country...things seem to move slower here in Russia. Windows are scheduled for Spencer & Nathan's rooms. Then we hope to see new floors (& maybe doors) in next week. Alida should be home then. We were given a grace-filled reprieve from our land-lord & lady to stay in our temp housing thru July 26! Otherwise. we would have had to move out of temp housing for 2 weeks & then into our flat. No more moving until we go into our permanent housing!
Here are photos from Saturday - I was surprised that the workers didn't work on the weekend. I've posted a couple of photos that have been 'doctored' with 'Paint' program to show future changes to give an idea of what things will look like. Enjoy! Alida, there is a door question on one of the last photos.

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