Saturday, July 16, 2005

oops, I did it again!

Auntie Martha & Uncle Fred got a phone call from Rome at 6am....
I guess I just was not paying attention to the time!

I knew she was going to check out my blog today with my Aunt Betty and I did not want them to worry about the robbery. So in my zeal after purchasing minutes for the cell phone I just called.

Today, I just chilled with Rhianna, we ran a few errands and them came back to the air conditioned apartment. It is hot today. If you plan a trip to Europe July is not the month to come!!!

The woman working here just took Rhianna from me... they really love babies. It is such a blast to watch the reactions... They just stop everything and run to the baby!

I am heading over to the church where Erin is rehearsing... there is a young woman there who just began studying at the conservatory in Moscow and she wants to meet me. We will most likely exchange numbers and keep in touch. What a way to meet another American who lives in Russia... being introduced by an American in Rome!

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